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Straight Seam Welded Pipe Production Equipment

Super Accumulator
As a pivotal piece of equipment in the ERW steel pipe production line, it is mainly used to cushion and store the steel belts.

Molding Machine
The molding machine is a crucial device in a high frequency welded pipe production line.

High Frequency Welding Equipment
High frequency welding is a process which uses an electric field to create the heat needed to melt metal or a metal joint. The field is created when the metal to be welded is passed through a copper coil, i.e. both the metal to be jointed and the copper coil have inherent magnetic properties which mean ability to magnetize. The skin effect and proximity effect are used in high frequency welding. The skin effect brings about the phenomenon that the high frequency electric current flows at the "skin" of the weldment and the proximity effect is responsible for controlling the path of the current.

On-line Soldering Seam Ultrasonic Inspection (High Frequency Straight Seam Welded Steel Pipe)
This test involves inspecting the base metals and the welding materials for the welding seam. If cracks and blurs are found by the test, a special system called the defect tracking system will eliminate the defects. In this way, the high quality of our straight seam welded pipes is ensured.

Normalizing Heat Treatment
Normalizing is a heat treatment process for making material softer, but does not produce the uniform material properties of annealing. A material can be normalized by heating it to a specific temperature and then letting the material cool to room temperature outside of the oven. This treatment refines the grain size and improves the uniformity of microstructure and properties of hot rolled steel. It differs from the annealing in that the matter cools down quicker in normalizing heat treatment than in the annealing heat treatment and the matter has higher mechanical properties. The normalizing heat treatment is more common because the cooling procedure does not need other equipment and its high efficiency is ensured by the normalizing cooling process.

Hydrostatic testing machine
Working with the help of water.

Off-line Soldering Seam Ultrasonic Inspection (Straight Seam Welded Steel Pipe)
Similar to the radio which transforms the received electromagnetic waves into audible sound waves, the off-line soldering seam ultrasonic inspection device transforms the received ultrasonic waves into audible sound and digital signals that can be received and analyzed by the computer. The cracks and blurs of the base metal and the weldment, if any, can then be found.

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    1. API 5CT ERW Steel PipeDuring the API 5CT ERW steel pipe manufacturing process, the tempering heat treatment is simulated around the welding line. Both ends of the longitudinal welded pipe are perpendicular to the center line and there should be no blurs on the interior seamed edge or the exterior edge.
    1. EN10219-1 Straight Seam Steel PipeOur EN10219-1 standard straight seam steel pipes are cold formed pipes with circular, square or rectangular cross sections. The special manufacturing technique for the ERW steel pipe eliminates the demand for heat treatment after pipe forming.
    1. Line PipesWe can offer two categories of line pipes: SSAW steel pipe and black steel pipe. By changing the forming angle, our range of API 5L line pipes can be made into various diameters while using raw materials of the same width.