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  • Spiral Steel Pipes
    1. API 5L SSAW Steel PipeThe spirally submerged arc welding method makes sure all our spiral welded pipes have great roundness and straightness, thus allowing us to eliminate the pipe straightening process.
    1. GB/T 9711.1 HSAW Steel PipeDuring the welding process, the steel is heated by one or more electric arcs between the bare metal's consumable electrodes and the steel plate, thus achieving metallic bonding.
    1. GB/T 9711.2 Spiral Welded Steel PipeIt is typically manufactured in the following steps. Firstly, the steel belts or plates should be molded. Secondly, the joint edging zone should be padded by metals and finally, the joints should be welded.
    1. ASTM A252 Spiral Steel Pipe This range of spiral steel pipe conforms to the ASTM A252 standard. During its production process, heat treatment, non-destructive test and hydrostatic test are not required.
    1. EN 10219-1 SSAW Steel PipeThis range of SSAW steel pipe conforms to EN 10219-1 standard specifications. As cold formed pipe sections, our SSAW pipes eliminate the demand for heat treatment after forming.
    1. EN 10219-2 Welded Steel PipeThe maximum outer diameter for the spiral pipe is 3048mm and the maximum wall thickness is 30mm. The maximum length for a single welded tubing reaches 20000mm.
    1. EN10217-5 Spiral Welded Steel PipeOur EN 10217-5 spiral welded steel pipe can be either alloy steel pipe or non-alloy steel pipes. It is mainly applied as boiler pipes due to its great performance under high pressure and high temperature conditions.
  • ERW Steel Pipes
    1. API 5L Black Steel PipeAll our black steel pipes are manufactured according to the API 5L specification for line pipes. They are extensively used in transferring corrosive matters such as petroleum and natural gas.
    1. API 5CT ERW Steel PipeDuring the API 5CT ERW steel pipe manufacturing process, the tempering heat treatment is simulated around the welding line. Both ends of the longitudinal welded pipe are perpendicular to the center line and there should be no blurs on the interior seamed edge or the exterior edge.
    1. ASTM A252 Longitudinal Welded PipeOur longitudinal welded pipe is produced in accordance with the ASTM A252 Standard Specification for Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe Piles.
    1. GB/T9711.1 ERW Steel PipeAccording to GB/T 9711.1 standard, this series of ERW steel pipe can be manufactured without being pressurized. The filling parts are composed of metals which are electronically welded.
    1. GB/T 3091 Straight Seam Steel PipeThe straight seam steel pipe is applicable for low pressure liquid delivery. It often serves as the water pipe, steam pipe, and air system pipe, thus transferring water, air and heating steam, etc.
    1. EN 10217-1 Black Steel PipeFabricated according to EN 10217-1 standard specification, this range of black steel pipe comes with circular cross section and is manufactured by using electrical resistance welding technique.
    1. EN 10217-2 ERW Steel PipeOur EN 10217-2 standard ERW steel pipes are either alloy steel pipes or non-alloy steel pipes. With circular sections, they meet the testing requirements of both TR1 and TR2.
    1. EN10219-1 Straight Seam Steel PipeOur EN10219-1 standard straight seam steel pipes are cold formed pipes with circular, square or rectangular cross sections. The special manufacturing technique for the ERW steel pipe eliminates the demand for heat treatment after pipe forming.
    1. EN10219-2 ERW Steel PipeThis range of ERW steel pipe is available with varied shapes of cross sections, including circular, square and rectangular. Utilizing the cold welding technique, the longitudinal welded pipe is exactly manufactured according to the EN10219-2 standard specification.
  • Galvanized Steel Pipe
    1. Galvanized Steel PipeThe galvanized pipe is a great solution to transfer low pressure liquid, gas, etc. Contact us now if you are looking for galvanized steel tube for delivering water, sewage, fuel gas, air, heating steam, etc.
  • ASTM A252 Piling Pipes
    1. ASTM A252 Piling PipesThe ASTM A252 piling pipe is grouped into two categories which are ERW welded type and SAW welded type including longitudinal (LSAW) and helical or spiral (SSAW). It is manufactured using high quality ...
  • Spiral Welded Pipe with Flanged Ends
    1. Spiral Welded Pipe with Flanged EndsOur spiral welded pipe is a kind of carbon steel pipes which are fitted with flanges at both ends. Aside from the flanged ends, our company also offers other pipe ends such as beveled ends, sockets ends...
  • Coating Steel Pipes
    1. 3PE Coating Steel PipeThe multiplayer steel pipe coating provides our products with good impact resistance, abrasive resistance, shock resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, voltage resistance, high quality and long service life.
    1. 2PE Coating Steel PipeDue to advanced coating technology and quality steel pipe coating material, this range of steel tube offers high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, cold resistance and impact resistance.
    1. 3PP Coating Steel PipeThe 3PP coating steel pipe refers to steel tubing with three layers of PP coating. It offers high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, long service life, thermal endurance and impact resistance.
    1. FBE Coating Steel PipeThe single-layer FBE coating steel pipe has properties of high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, long service life, high quality and salt tolerance.
  • Line Pipes
    1. Line PipesBy changing the forming angle, our range of API 5L line pipes can be made into various diameters while using raw materials of the same width.
  • Steel Piles
    1. Steel PilesDue to advanced production techniques, our steel pile can be manufactured without the demand for heat treatment, non-destructive test and hydrostatic test.
  • API 5CT Casings
    1. API 5CT CasingsOur API 5CT casing tube are ERW steel pipe with longitudinal welded seam. During the welded steel tube manufacturing process, the tempering heat treatment should be simulated around the welding line.

We can produce a variety of welded tubes, including longitudinal welded pipes, spiral steel pipes, and more. These welded steel tubes are available with different specifications according to API, ASTM, EN, JIS, BS, DIN and GB standards. The steel types for our products are GR.A, GR.B, X42- X100, H40, J55, K55, S195T, S235JRH, S355JOH, S355J2H, ST33, ST42, STK400, STK500, Q235and Q345, etc.