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API 5CT ERW Steel Pipe
  • API 5CT ERW Steel Pipe
  • API 5CT ERW Steel Pipe
  • API 5CT ERW Steel Pipe
  • API 5CT ERW Steel Pipe

API 5CT ERW Steel Pipe

H40, J55 and K55 types of steel are often used to manufacture the API 5CT ERW steel pipe.

Technical specifications
According to API's rating standards, the ERW pipe is classified into PSL1 type, PSL2 type and PSL-3 type.

Requirements for manufacturing
During the API 5CT ERW steel pipe manufacturing process, the tempering heat treatment is simulated around the welding line. Both ends of the longitudinal welded pipe are perpendicular to the center line and there should be no blurs on the interior seamed edge or the exterior edge.

Fabricated in rigorous conformation with API 5CT specification for casing and tubing, this range of ERW steel pipe is typically used as oil casing tube and oil tubing for oil wells.

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